Milano Inglese

ESL English Teaching jobs in Milan and other parts of Italy

Although MilanoInglese was set up to help freelance English teachers, we originally included a section here on teaching jobs that were available both in Milan and also other parts of Italy. Unfortunately, rather than use this free facility, language schools in the area preferred to visit the website and send spam emails to individual teachers. So we no longer allow employers to post job adverts here. There is still an advert facility on the website, but the adverts are no longer publicly displayed.

If you're looking for a job with a language school as an ESL teacher, we would suggest visiting sites such as, which carries job adverts. Be sure that any guaranteed salary or guaranteed hours are in writing, and remember to check what travel expenses you are paid, along with how they are calculated. Remember to take into account any time you spend travelling - it all adds up to time when you can't work or earn money. Based on experience we would advise you to avoid any 'employer' that tells you to take out a Partita IVA. That's like a VAT registration, and it means you're legally self-employed. If you want to be self-employed, join MilanoInglese instead, where you can earn more and work on your own terms!