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Do you teach English in Milan?

If you want to teach English in Milan as a freelance teacher as well as, or instead of, working for a school,
the only effective solution is to register with MilanoInglese. It's that simple.

If you're an ESL English teacher and you already live and teach English in Milan, you'll know that whilst it can be a rewarding job, it's rarely well paid. To put it bluntly, if you work for a school, you'll be earning peanuts, working on a contract with zero job security. To earn a decent income in Milan, English teachers teachers need private students, and that's what MilanoInglese is all about. MilanoInglese provides a place where independent English teachers can find students who are looking for private English courses. It's that simple.

Established at the end of 2010, the website is now to first place people looking for private lessons in Milan turn to. The busiest and most successful website of its type in Italy, MilanoInglese allows English teachers to be genuinely indpendent, choosing when and where they work, who they teach and how much they earn. Created by English teachers who still live and work in the area, MilanoInglese provides teachers with the ability to promote themselves on a professional, effective and respected platform.

It's not free!

To cover the costs of keeping the site online and the time it takes to administer and keep the site running properly, teachers pay a one-off registration fee along with an annual subscription fee. Putting that into perspective, for the average teacher registered on the site, the annual cost cost equates to what they earn for just 3 or 4 hours of lessons.

Promoting Mothertongue English Teachers in Milan
Promoting Mothertongue English Teachers in Milan.

Like its sister website ( this website was created with the aim of promoting independent English teachers. If you are a native-speaker English teacher, living and working in or around Milano, Saronno, Monza, Bergamo, Varese, Como or anywhere else in Lombardia, this site was created for you.

We aim to promote independent, freelance ESL teachers who provide face to face private lessons with students in Milano and the surrounding areas.

Freelance English Teachers
Promoting Freelance English Teachers. Professionally.

Once registered as a teacher on MilanoInglese, you will be included in our teacher directory listings. You also have your own teacher profile page, where potential students can read about your teaching experience, what lessons you provide, when and where you are available, how much you charge, and so on.

If students want to get in touch with you, they can email you directly from your profile page. It sure as hell beats sticking ineffective adverts in shop windows...

John, English teacher in Milan

I am an English teacher working in Milan and I discovered the MilanoInglese site about two years ago. It has been invaluble to me since then. Not only have I been inundated by requests from students of all ages and walks of life but it has also given me the possibility to come towards the needs of each individual student (something that it was impossible to do in the past, working for schools with set methods)"John - English Teacher in Milan

Brian, English teacher in Saronno

Working as a freelance teacher beats the pants off working for a school, but most teachers have no idea how to find enough private students to make it worthwhile. The answer is sitting under your nose; MilanoInglese. Google agree too; search for 'inglese a milano' insegnante di inglese a milano' or something simlar and you'll see why MilanoInglese gets more enquiries every day than the biggest language schools in Milan.
Brian - English teacher

Sarah, English teacher in Milano

My name's Sarah and I teach English here in Milan. MilanoInglese has been a prolific source of new students for me - indeed so successful I have been able to pick and choose - the perfect situation! In the first fortnight I got more than 10 requests for lessons - that must be a record.Sarah - English Teacher in Milan

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