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MilanoInglese – a teacher’s concept

The concept behind MilanoInglese is very simple. It exists to provide a trustworthy place where potential students in the Milano region can look for and find private bilingual or mother-tongue English teachers offering lessons in their local area, and where English teachers can promote themselves effectively and professionally. It was the solution dreamt up by a group of freelance English teachers living and teaching in Milano who wanted a reliable way to find more private students. It’s a simple concept, and a very successful one.

Finding Private Students

It’s not rocket science. If you teach English in Milan for a language school, you already know that the only way to earn a decent income is to teach privately. However, back in 2006-2008 before we set up MilanoInglese, finding private students in Milan wasn’t easy.

In those days many teachers tried offering private lessons to students they met at the schools they worked for, even if it wasn’t perhaps very ethical. More than a couple lost their jobs as a consequence. There was always someone happy to explain that the most effective tactic was to rely on word of mouth, but that was only effective for teachers who’d been teaching in Milan for a couple of years. And of course, all of us tried using the abysmal ‘Free-ad’ websites that clutter the internet, without success. In reality, almost everyone struggled to find enough work to teach independently.

So we created MilanoInglese

We spent a lot of time developing MilanoInglese and working out how to promote it and we must have done something right because the site has been successful for over 10 years. It’s not hard to understand why; if you try doing a Google search for the type of expressions an Italian who is looking for an English teacher in Milan might use, you’ll find MilanoInglese in the first few results, if not at the top. That means anybody searching for a teacher on Google is likely to visit first.

Teacher Registration Fee

The costs of running and promoting the site have risen over the past couple of years and so registration is no longer free, as it originally was. New teachers pay one-time £25 registration fee plus an annual subscription fee of £90. Teachers who renew after the first year pay only the annual subscription fee. Put that into perspective; the annual cost equates to what the average teacher earns for 3 or maybe 4 hours of private lessons, depending on what they charge. If you want to find out if it’s really worth it, get in touch with the teachers registered on the site and ask them for their opinions. Most will be happy to answer such questions.

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Created in 2009, Milanoinglese exists to promote english teachers in milano who want the freedom and higher income that being a private english teacher in Milan can provide.