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Teacher Registration

If you’ve gotten this far it means you’d like to register as an English teacher with MilanoInglese, so thank you for your interest!
If you want to register please read this page and then click the ‘registration request’ button at the bottom of the page.

Are you eligible to register?

Any mother-tongue or genuinely bilingual teacher living and working in the Milano area can apply to join MilanoInglese, but we limit both the number of teachers registered at one time and also who can join based on internal judgements. There are two essential ‘qualifications’ which apply to all teachers: Are you legally resident and registered to work in Italy and are you mother-tongue English or genuinely bilingual to the same level? The answer needs to be ‘Yes’ to both questions. To avoid unwanted legal problems, we always request proof from all teachers that they are living and working in Italy legally.

General Observations

Your teacher profile page is where you provide the information that visitors to the site will want to read before choosing a teacher. You can use it to explain who you are, what you offer students, what qualifications or experience you have, which areas you work in, what type of courses you provide and what type of students you teach. It’s where you sell yourself.

Lesson Prices

Teachers are required to display the prices that they charge for lessons, showing their standard inclusive hourly rate. In addition, any extra costs must be outlined – for example the cost of materials or any travelling costs. If you are IVA registered, your prices must include IVA. Quite simply; there must be no nasty surprises. MilanoInglese exists to help teachers earn more from teaching privately, not less, so we do not accept registrations from teachers who want to advertise lessons at rates that we feel will affect the income of other teachers.

Registration Fees

In case you didn’t read any other pages on this website, new teachers pay a one-off £25 registration fee plus an annual subscription fee of £90. After the first year, only the annual subscription fee is payable.

I agree. What next?

Our auto registration system is not capable of deciding whether a teacher registration should be accepted or not. That is done by the manager of MilanoInglese. If you wish to register, you need to complete a registration request, in full and as specified. Your request will be considered and, if accepted, you will be provided with a link that will enable you to pay your subscription fees and create your own page on MilanoInglese.

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Created in 2009, Milanoinglese exists to promote english teachers in milano who want the freedom and higher income that being a private english teacher in Milan can provide.