Milano Inglese - A Simple Concept

Milano Inglese - A Simple Concept

Promoting Independent English Teachers

The concept behind MilanoInglese is as very simple. It exists to provide a trustworthy place where potential students can search for private mothertongue English teachers who are available in their local area, and where English teachers can promote themselves effectively and professionally. We want to help promote English teachers who live and work around Milan and who provide face to face lessons. That's a pretty simple concept, which may account for why it is so successful.

Finding Private Students

It's not rocket science. If you teach English for a language school in Milan or the surrounding area, you already know that the only way to earn a decent income is to teach privately. As a freelance teacher you get to manage your own time, decide when and where you work, and how much you earn. Before we set up MilanoInglese, we often heard fellow English teachers asking "How can I find private students in Milan?"

One or two teachers we met had tried offering private lessons to students they met at the schools they worked for, even if it wasn't perhaps very ethical. One even lost her job as a consequence. Several teachers told us that they relied on word of mouth, but that was only effective for teachers who had been teaching in Milan for a couple of years. Like us, most tried advertising on various 'Free-ad' websites, but without success. In reality, no single method of finding private work was genuinely effective.

So we created MilanoInglese

We spent a lot of time developing MilanoInglese and working out how to promote it. We must have done something right because the site now generates more enquiries each week than any language school in Milan. It's not hard to understand why; if you try doing a Google search for the type of expressions an Italian who is looking for a teacher might use, you'll find MilanoInglese in the first two or three results. Anybody searching on Google for an English teacher in Milan is likely to visit first.

Teacher Registration Fee

The costs of running and promoting the site have risen over the past couple of years and so registration is no longer free. New teachers pay one-time £15 registration fee plus an annual subscription fee of £85. Teachers who renew after the first year only pay the annual subscription fee. Put that into perspective; the annual cost equates to what the average teacher earns for 3 or maybe 4 hours of private lessons, depending on the exchange rate. If you want to find out if it's really worth it, get in touch with the teachers registered on the site and ask them for their opinions. Most are happy to answer such questions. Just don't ask them for lessons; most are fully booked!

Anna, English teacher in Milano

I've been a freelance teacher for years, choosing freedom of teaching methods over restrictions imposed by schools, but before Milanoinglese came along, I used to really struggle to find students, people just didn't seem to trust I'm struggling to cope with all the requests I'm getting!

Milanoinglese has been and continues to be invaluable to me, and students know it's a trustworthy place to find a teacher! Anna - English teacher in Milano

Christy, English teacher in Origgio

If you are a mother tongue English teacher working in Milan, you already know it can be a huge challenge. MilanoInglese is a fantastic website that has made a huge difference in helping to find quality work.

By far the best method to advertise for English mother tongue teachers and well worth it.Christy - English teacher in Origgio

Mark, English teacher in Milan

I'm an experienced English teacher working in Milan and I've been registered on MilanoInglese since 2010. I highly recommend this site to any teachers in Milan looking to widen their client base. It allows potential students to find you with ease (try googling 'inglese a milano') and has brought me a lot of new work.Mark - English teacher in Milano

Brian, English teacher in Saronno

Teachers in Milan have a choice; work for schools or work privately. Working for a school might give a bit of stability, but that's about it. The reality is that if you are prepared to put a little work into promoting yourself, working freelance is the way to go. Established about 5 years ago, there's nothing that compares with MilanoInglese if you want to build up your private lessons.Curtis - English teacher in Milan and Saronno

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