Milano Inglese - Teacher Information

Milano Inglese - Teacher Information

Promoting Independent English Teachers

MilanoInglese was created to help mothertongue English Teachers in Milano, Monza, Saronno and elsewhere in Lombardia to find private students. Now immensely successful, MilanoInglese provides a trustworthy site on which potential students can choose and contact teachers who offer private lessons.

To ensure that this remains true, the site is carefully managed and every registration request is individually vetted. In order to register on the site, teachers must comply with our rules and requirements. As an example, even if it sounds obvious, we only accept registration from teachers who are registered as resident in the region and (in the case of non-EU citizens) have valid working papers.

If you would like to register, please read our requirements, as outlined below, and read the contents of the 'registration' page.

Teacher Registration

For the avoidance of doubt, if you are an English teacher and you would like to join the MilanoInglese teacher directory, you need to register. Then, if your registration is aproved, you need to pay a registration and annual subscription fee. Registration is only available to mothertongue English Teachers who provide face to face lessons in Milan or the surrounding towns.

For English teachers in Milano

Not mothertongue English?

Due to the number of registration requests we receive from teachers who are not mothertongue English speakers, we have created a new website called Insegnanti-Inglese, which features teacher directories covering all of Italy and which is open to registration from both mothertongue and non-mothertongue teachers. If you'd like more information about this site, please visit and click the 'Teacher Information' link which you'll find at the top of every page on the website.

Teacher registration requirements

It isn't important to us whether you are an English teacher with years of experience, or a newly qualified teacher with limited experience. The people who visit your profile page looking for a teacher will judge the importance of these things for themselves. What is important to us is that the information shown on your teacher profile is honest and comprehensive; for the benefit of English teachers and students.

If you wish to register as an English teacher on you must, as a minimum:

  • Be a native English speaker.
  • Be living and able to work legally in Lombardia, and be able to demonstrate this.
  • Have an Italian codice fiscale and legal residence.
  • Provide evidence of your nationality and residence (to us) as required.
  • Provide a suitable photo of yourself to be used on the site.
  • Agree to our website terms.
  • Pay a registration and subscription fee.

How does MilanoInglese work?

The idea of is to bring together independent English teachers and people who are looking for English lessons. As a registered teacher, you have your own teacher profile page, where you can describe yourself, outline your experience, the kind of lessons you provide, along with when, where and for how much. What you write on your teacher profile will decide how many people contact you. Within reason, it's up to you what you include on your profile page, but you need to remember that your profile page exists to 'sell' you.

How do people contact teachers?

Your teacher profile page has a built-in contact form which allows visitors to contact you directly. They write their message, click 'invia' and the message is sent to your email address. Messages are also stored in a back-up MilanoInglese email account which we create for you upon registration so, if you have problems with your email account, you still have a copy of your messages.

In addition to contacting teachers directly, visitors to the site can also (or instead) post their own free adverts on outlining their requirements. These adverts are then forwarded to teachers as soon as they are received.

Who arranges the lessons?

You do. We provide the website which allows you to generate enquiries. Answering the emails from potential students is your responsibility, as is organising lessons. We have no involvement with your lessons, nor do we charge any commissions, or anything like that.

What obligations do teachers have?

You must reply to all enquiries promptly. We have deleted several teachers from the site who couldn't be bothered to answer emails, for whatever reason. Unprofessional behaviour like that can damage our website's reputation, so we don't tolerate it. Beyond that, the standard obligations apply; teachers have to be honest, not pass enquiries to other people, and so on. Our rules are really just common sense stuff and aimed at helping everybody get the best out of the site.

What does it cost?

As of 2015, new teachers pay a one-off registration fee of £15 plus the annual subscription fee of £85 (UK sterling). After the first year, teachers only pay the annual subscription fee if they wish to renew. Putting that into perspective; the annual cost of being on MilanoInglese amounts to what the average teacher earns from 3 or 4 hours of private lessons, depending on the exchange rate. If you've been using ineffective free-ad websites and want to know if paying to join MilanoInglese is worth it, try asking a few of the teachers registered on the site. Most are happy to answer such questions.

Join MilanoInglese!

If you'd like to join MilanoInglese, click here to read about how to register!

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