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Teach English in Milano with MilanoIngleseMilanoInglese

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Complete the first 4 fields as required and then provide a written outline of who you are. To assess your registration request we would like to know a little about you – general info such as how long you’ve been in the Milano area, why you started teaching and so on. Please state whether you plan to work as a freelance teacher full-time or to top up other income, what you intend to charge for lessons and what type of students you are looking for. We don’t want lists of dates, qualifications or schools; we want to assess you, nothing else. It’s our way of vetting teachers.

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Teach English in Milano with MilanoIngleseMilanoInglese

Created in 2009, Milanoinglese exists to promote english teachers in milano who want the freedom and higher income that being a private english teacher in Milan can provide.