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Registering as an English Teacher on Milano Inglese

Teacher Registration

English teachers who want to join the MilanoInglese directory need to register, which means completing our registration form fully and submitting it. The form is self explanatory and won't take more than about 10 minutes to complete if you have prepared your descriptions in advance. Please read the notes below, which are intended to save us all a lot of time, then click the 'Register here' button at the bottom of this page.

Are you eligible to register?

If you want to register on MilanoInglese you must be a mothertongue English teacher and be able to demonstrate this. If you're not mothertongue, see below.

Not a mothertongue teacher?

Over the past few years we've had a lot of registration requests from Italians who teach English, bilingual or non-mothertongue teachers. It seemed silly to change the nature of MilanoInglese to accommodate these requests, so instead we created a new website which covers all of Italy (not just Milan) and which is open to registration from mothertongue and bilingual teachers. You'll find it here; www.insegnanti-inglese.it. Visit the website for more details, and follow the 'Teacher Information' links.

Are you legally resident and able to work in Italy?

To avoid unwanted problems, we reserve the right to request proof from all teachers that they are living and working in Italy legally. We hope you understand that this is a necessity borne of experience, nothing else.

Teacher profile pages

Milanoinglese.it brings together independent English teachers and people who are looking for English lessons. The teacher profile page that we create for you is where you provide the information that visitors to the site will want to read before choosing a teacher. Your teacher profile is intended to display your qualifications, teaching experience and any particular skills you have. You can specify your availability, which areas you work in, what type of courses you provide and what type of students you teach. Within reason, it's up to you what you include on your profile page, but remember that your profile page exists to 'sell' you, so word it carefully.

Photos and Certificates

Teachers must provide a photo to be used in directory lostings and on their dedicated teacher profile page. The photo needs to be appropriate in style, a professional-looking head and shoulders photo works best. You need to upload your photo when you complete the registration form. If the photo is too big, we can crop it for you, but it must be AT LEAST 300px x 300px IN SIZE. Ideally, the photo should be a little taller than wide, and must be a professional-looking head and shoulders-style shot. If your photo is inappropriate or too small, your profile will not be published until you provide an acceptable replacement.

If you have a teaching qualification (such as a CELTA certificate), you should add this to your profile page because it will make students feel more confident about contacting you. Of course, you don't have to list qualifications, whether you have them or not. If you want to list your qualifications on your profile page, you are also required to upload a legible scan of the certificate on the registration form, so that we can verify it is valid. The reasons for this are simple; we don't want anybody to claim they have a teaching qualification unless they do!

Lesson Prices

Teachers are required to display the prices that they charge for lessons, showing their standard simple hourly rate and (optionally) any special offers for longer bookings. In addition, any extra costs must be outlined - for example the cost of materials or any travelling costs. If you are IVA registered, your prices must include IVA. Quite simply; there must be no nasty surprises.

Aside from transparency, the benefit of providing adequate and accurate information is that a student is unlikely to contact you unless you are available in the right area and at the right times, and unless your prices are acceptable. The benefit of this is that you shouldn't need to haggle over prices and won't get so many time-wasters.

Registration Fees

If you skipped the teacher information page, you may not have read about the subscription fees. New teachers pay a one-off £25 registration fee plus an annual subscription fee of £85. In the second or following years, only the annual subscription fee is payable. If your registration is accepted you will be told how to pay the relevant fees to our UK Company bank account. Obviously, an invoice / receipt will be provided if requested. We don't wait to receive your payment; profiles are added to the site as soon as they are ready, but they aren't fully enabled until payment is received.

Want to Register?

If you would like to join MilanoInglese, please click here and complete the registration form.

Please write in Italian!

The people who visit your profile will be Italians who want to learn English, or maybe improve their existing skills, so writing your teacher profile description in English would be a bit silly, and so we don't allow it. Please be sure to complete the registration form entirely in Italian.

How long does it take to get listed?

After we receive your registration we will contact you within 24-36 hours to confirm acceptance or non-acceptance, or to request additional information. Once we accept your registration, it will normally be published more or less immediately.

Mark, English teacher in Milan

I'm an experienced English teacher working in Milan and I've been registered on MilanoInglese since 2010. I highly recommend this site to any teachers looking to widen their client base. It allows potential students to find you with ease (try googling 'inglese milano') and has brought me a lot of new work in just one year.Mark - English teacher in Milano

Steve, English teacher in Rovellasca

I am an English teacher working around the Rovellasca and Saronno areas and I have been registered on MilanoInglese since 2011. Not being in Milan I don't get so many enquiries but being registered on Milanoinglese has been more than worth it for me. I know that if I were in Milano I'd get more enquiries, but I'm more or less always fully booked anyway!Steve - English teacher in Rovellasca and Saronno

Thomas, English teacher in Milano

I was subscribed to MilanoInglese for a couple of years, and found it an incredibly efficient way to put students in contact with English teachers. It became an important source of work for me and I would absolutely recommend it to any English teacher living in the Milan area. I was able to make back the money I spent on the subscription fee within just a few lessons!
Thomas - English teacher in Milano

Michael, English teacher in Milan

I'm an English teacher, currently teaching English in Milan and registered on MilanoInglese in July 2013. I've managed to build up many contacts very quickly. For students and other visitors the site is modern and intuitive to use. MilanoInglese is an efficient, effective and simple way for students and teachers to get together and, from a teacher's standpoint, it gives you the possibility to be truly independent from traditional English schools. Michael - English teacher in Milan